Nov 27, 2008

Happy Day Before Black Friday

Thanksgiving tradition I enjoy: blogging about Thanksgiving. A year ago:
Today, when I'm not sneaking glances at the football game on the TV, or looking up electric razors, or gnawing on turkey bones, I'm writing up National Board analyses and letters of recommendation.
Let's see how things have changed.

Today's football, so far, has been atrocious--the Detroit Lions, losing 47-10, made a strong case for Worst Team Ever--and the upcoming Seahawks game doesn't promise to be any more competitive. Last winter I gave up on the electric razor dream when the blade gave up on my beard. We haven't eaten turkey yet, though it's coming, and fairly soon. I passed the Board, but I'm not including NBCT in my letter-of-rec signature. Not yet.

Thanksgiving tradition I will take no part in: earlybird/doorbuster shopping. And for good reason.

Maybe the sixth day of my cold is making me a little too snarky to be gracious. But I'm grateful. Thanks for being a part of my blogging world.

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