Oct 3, 2008

Capital pummels Bremerton, 33-0

I convinced my dad and bro-in-law to come with me to Capital's homecoming match against the Bremerton Knights, to see the rain-dampened spectacle (which didn't disappoint) and to gaze on in wonderment as an offensive powerhouse ran it up against an overmatched league opponent. Despite the absence of Reid and Riley Wall (for unspecified reasons) the Cougars dominated on both sides of the ball, racking up 33 points while allowing none.

When my dad, bro-in-law, and I left in the 4th quarter, Capital was holding its lead , thanks to a punishing ground attack led by sophomore Tyler Sundberg and junior Joe Tolman, who scored the game's first touchdown with 7:51 left in the first. Sundberg finished with 3 touchdowns (and 3 fumbles--none damaging, ultimately). Senior Hunter Sapp had a touchdown catch in the 1st, and John and Joseph Ingman came away with a couple interceptions between them.

Bremerton's offensive play-calling was at times mystifying. Capital's consistent blitz pressure led to a series of overthrown passes, and the Cougars' speed on the corners kept Michael Powell, the Knights' bruising tailback, from getting anywhere. It wasn't until late in the third quarter, though, that Bremerton started moving the chains, throwing in a few playaction passes. Too little, far too late.

Unfortunately, Capital's quarterback Kellen Camus went down in the 4th quarter, going down awkwardly, eventually walking off the field with assistance while favoring his right leg. The status of his injury was unknown at the time.

Story of the game: on 4th and short in the 3rd quarter, the Knights, down 26-0, went for it. Another overthrown pass. The coach, fuming on the sidelines, chucked his clipboard, appearing to hit one of his players on his helmet. On their next possession, Bremerton actually started making progress, causing us to joke that all it took was abandoning all pretense of strategy. Better luck next time, Bremerton.

The Cougars look to continue their dominance of the WCC/OWL when they face North Thurston Kitsap next week.

Update 10/4/08: The Olympian reports that Riley Wall, CHS's leading rusher, was out with an ankle sprain. Twin brother Reid is gone for the season due to a neck injury. Tough losses both.

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