Sep 4, 2008

second day done

1. Once again, I was able to wear a tacky tie all throughout the day without so much as a peep from students. I am not afraid that they don't understand irony; I'm just frightened that they think I don't.

2. Having taken the bus to and from school each day, for the low, low price of $1.50 per diem, I have become a public transit evangelist. Today I convinced the Tech Guy to join the fray. That in exchange for the spare laptop power cord to temporarily replace the one I left at home. Without it, I'd have been cooked.

3. Comments on the new spectacles:
a. "They look great!"
b. "They make you look smart! I mean, you're already smart, but you know..."
c. "Are those real glasses?"

4. Seen from the bus:
The woman kicking her legs on the front stoop.
The man carrying the guitar amp into church.
The child staring at the glowing fluorescent bulb.
The biker twirling his handlebar mustache.
The mother dangling at the end of a thin licorice rope.

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