Sep 26, 2008

bus-stop blogging

Maybe this will become a recurring feature, although I can't predict the frequency of its recurrence. Bus-stop blogging requires a combination of several factors:

1. Forgetting that the 45, sadly, has no 3:09 stop at CHS. (Note to Intercity Transit: if you want more teachers taking the bus, give them a stop immediately after the end of the contract day, 3:07.)

2. Dry, warm weather--at least, warm enough that my fingers can move.

3. No one else hanging out at the bus stop; even though I'm a natural introvert, these days, I find myself drawn into conversations, even with total strangers, because it's easier than silence. Today: no problem. Students all went home at 12:00.

4. No immediate desire to dig through the pile of essays I collected.

5. Decent blood sugar.

6. Idle curiosity / morbid fascination / mild boredom / writer's itch.

7. Functional wireless.

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