Aug 21, 2008

photos of Marmot Pass

I'll be honest: I'm not going to share the best photos I took, simply because I want you to experience the beauty of Marmot Pass for yourself. If you find these tempting, give in to your inner mountaineer, and tackle one of the best day hikes of all time.

The 5-and-a-quarter mile trail to the pass is a lovely walk, lollygagging through cool forests until finally breaking out into sunshine, and the beginnings of scenery.

Poop-out Drag, named by Boy Scouts. It's not as fearsome as I remembered. Or maybe I'm stronger.

If you want the best views, once you reach the pass, go to your left, up this ridge.

Speaking of.

One of the many reasons to take the extra (careful) effort to go all the way up. Seriously. Don't stop at the pass.

Spot the marmot.

The cool-down canter through the forest for the last two miles, which gives your knees and your head a rest as you follow the winding stream downhill, also lends itself to wondrous fungi and slime molds.

Are you a stove? No?

Then back down the trail for you.

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