Aug 24, 2008

a Nigerian luau

Notes from a Weekend of Chaos, With Assorted Photos

Travels and Travails
I have been to Quilcene, and back, and back again. I am no longer fond of Quilcene. However, my car survived its mountain trek, a $275 tow (insurance paid, after much wrangling), $84 worth of brake repairs, and that was it. I still own the champagne chariot, but I'm not sure for how long.

Much praise for Craig of Northwest Towing and Satch of Satchworks, both in Port Hadlock.

Balderdash and Beyond
Mom and Cathy may not always score the most points when playing Beyond Balderdash, the best party game ever invented, but they always win when it comes to the crazy.

Movie Title: Let's Go Places.
Cathy's synopsis: "A Hell's Angel follows a leprechaun to a pot of gold."

Movie Title: The Trouble With Dick.
Cathy's synopsis: "A peanut farmer is forced to sell his farm when he goes bananas."
Mom's synopsis: "Mine worker by day, sleuth by night, Dick Harris finds himself at odds with his family and community."

Movie Title: Every Home Should Have One
Cathy's synopsis: "A refrigerator falls in love with the dishwasher and teaches the homeowners about true love."

Word: Mohoohoo.
Mom's definition: "A Nigerian luau."

Better than a thousand hours of psychotherapy.

They Bring the Funk... Inc.
Lacey is host to the best-named corporation in the world: an AllState Insurance outlet called Zuckerman Funk Agency. What a great name for a band.

Seen on a Flower Shop Sign Near Monroe, Washington
"Celebrate Hawaiian Days Here. Come Get Laid."

Serenity Now
Lake Serene, along Highway 2, is a stiff hike up a rather unforgiving trail. Steep stairs--500 by Cathy's count--lead to slippery rocks. Slow going, especially down, and treacherous for the unlucky. Count my sister Caroline among that number. She lost her footing, slamming her tailbone on a sharp rock while spraining an ankle. She tried, heroically, to hike back down the mountain, but eventually had to be carried by Snohomish County's search and rescue squad, a volunteer force that seemed to relish an adventure in the woods. Friendly, fast-moving folks who made her trip down the mountain a lot less painful.

Hope you're feeling better, sis.

Bonus Cathyism
My new specs sport an eagle logo that looks vaguely like a W. Upon first seeing them, Cathy, without a shred of irony, asked, "Are those Wienerschnitzel glasses?"

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