Aug 27, 2008

Bio-Dome evangelism

Bio-Dome. For most of us, it's a scarring experience, an inextricable, unforgettable trauma.

For Stephen Baldwin, it was part of God's plan.
I didn't know it ten years ago when I agreed to become Doyle Johnson, but God had already called me both to know Him personally and to impact the youth culture in America with the Good News of Jesus Christ. I didn't know it because I didn't know Jesus at the time. One of the reasons kids will listen to me today is because they recognize me from the movies. But not just any movie. One movie: Bio-Dome.

God had me make this film to give me the platform that would later become my life's work. At the time I just wanted to goof off with Pauly Shore for a couple of months. God knew that, and He also knew the plans He had for my life, plans He made sure came to pass.
I suppose the ultimate conundrum of theodicy, the Problem of Evil Movies, has been cracked right in half.


brother sky said...

The lord works in mysterious ways. Ha!

Jon said...

"All things work together for good for those who are called according to his purpose." Evangelism is key and reaching the culture for Christ is the ultimate act of obediance. I speak to this myself as well at