Jul 25, 2008

today's orthography links

1. Sucks to misspell your own name. Suck doubly if you're a newspaper, and infinitely if you blow it on the front page. It's one step below "The Tmise regrets the error." At least they didn't spell it "Noose." [Via Matt Welch]

2. If you misspell Obama's name, what kind of websites come up? Why didn't somebody think of this sooner?

3. The Scrabulous / Scrabble battle brings out the spelling puns.

4. Portuguese spelling is now standardized.

5. Korean prof says, we can't let the Japanese take our island. Step one: let's all spell its name the same way.

6. Miss Spelling--Tori--is writing another book. This one, titled Mommywood, at least doesn't misspell the word "Story."

7. It's "Myers." Why do almost all of his critics spell his name wrong?


Captain Princess said...


Jim Anderson said...

Captain, sir, grammar and orthography are not the same thing. I suppose that the act of pointing this out is highly ironic.

Captain Princess said...