Jul 27, 2008

photos of Tongue Mountain

The title says it all--nearly. Captions will say the rest.

This is what you see when you leave 294--a motorcycle trail that takes you most of the way--for 294A. Helpfully, someone has added text, errors in original: "NO SHORT PEOPLE BEOND THIS POINT UNLES THEY HAVE THEIR HUSBAND'S PACK ON THEIR BACK WITH SANDWICHES IN IT." Must have been a fun trip.

This is what you see if it's partly cloudy, rumored to be clearing in the future, the distant future when they'll have automatic trails that carry you through virtual vistas, and it's only cloudy if the tour guide is a jerk.

The tip of the tongue, where all good ideas lodge, and refuse to be dislodged.

There was more to see here, I've read. Next time we ascend, we won't take the long way, and we will make sure the weather report says that the nearest cloud is cowering in Canada.

But it's not so bad if you bring along a friend.

The forest, new growth since a 1935 fire, is lovely and ethereal in the mist. It is dusty and decidedly unmysterious in sunshine.

One photo of firs will never suffice.

I heartily recommend a trip to Tongue Mountain. Be sure to take the recommended trail, though. Don't get any silly ideas about challenging yourself by linking up from the High Bridge Trail. As described by the Forest Service, it is "steep in parts." It also connects to 294 way, way down the slope, which is steep through and through, so the return is a knee-killer.

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