Jul 14, 2008

one fewer Anderson to worry about

1. Caroline is now a Hoffman, enjoying her first days sans the Swedish appellation that has served all of us so well.

2. While the hitching went swimmingly, everything else was full of hitches. Sample exchange, from the day trip taken with our relatives on the mom's side:
Mom, driving backseat: We need to make sure Susan is still following us.
Gary, driving: They're going to be fine.
Melissa, taking sides: They're behind a long line of trucks. They can't see us. We need to pull over.
Mom: Pull over!
Gary: Okay, okay. I'm pulling over now. Everyone calm down.
Jim, riding shotgun: I seem to recall someone a while ago saying we were fine, no worries, we have a cell phone in every car. And it came from the back.
Mom: Sounds like someone has to be Last Word Larry.
Jim: You mean, you?
Mom, laughing: I guess so.
Cousin Tawnya, befuddled: Who's Larry?
Mom: I don't know, it just rhymes with L.
I am home. Photos may arrive soon.

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