Jul 18, 2008

even better than the real thing

Reducing my carbon footprint while increasing my moral superiority, I've been walking everywhere, and sometimes riding public transit. $4.30 gas makes it worthwhile, and too much free time makes it inexcusable. I love Olympia's bus system, for the most part--a half-hour delay on the 62A, yesterday, was an aberration.

This, to my knowledge, never happens:
The transit fanboy got an official shirt, jacket and hat from two actual drivers he had befriended, Gordon said. Both drivers have been suspended as the county moves to fire them. The hat was important -- he wore it pulled down low with big sunglasses, Gordon said, theorizing that may have helped him amble past security guards at the depot....

He spent the afternoon picking up 25-cent fares along the South Beach Local. The route, which circulates around Alton Road, 17th Street, Washington Avenue and South Pointe, is a popular line.

There was no sign Harris pocketed any of the cash, no complaints from passengers. He returned the bus undamaged to the Miami Springs yard around 7:45 that night, Gordon said.
Harris, if you want a job driving the 62A from Lacey to Olympia, you're welcome to it.

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Captain Princess said...

Aw man, I just take the bus everywhere. My superiority < your superiority. Man can't get ahead in a free market economy...