Jul 29, 2008

an egg a day

This New York Times blog entry merely confirms what I've been unafraid to believe for some time: my cholesterol--and, in all likelihood, yours, too--can handle a daily egg just fine.
As the Berkeley Wellness Letter, from the University of California at Berkeley, reported in March, eggs have an undeserved bad reputation because of their high cholesterol content. Although there are 210 miligrams in the yolk of a large egg, the newsletter notes that for most people eggs don’t raise blood cholesterol. “They may even be good for your heart in some ways,'’ the newsletter reports, noting that eggs have unsaturated fat, B vitamins and other nutrients. In addition, there is some evidence that people feel fuller after eating eggs and that regular egg consumption may boost eye health.
Since I've started eating one for breakfast at 6:15, and not just carbo-loading, it's taken me much longer to approach the hunger that used to growl up by 9:30. Now I can usually last until at least first lunch, 11:05.

Mmm, eggs.

[Via Instapundit]

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