Jun 7, 2008

red light cameras: no deterrent this time

The Olympian is still optimistic, now that the cash is about to flow from Lacey's red light cameras.
Cameras have become a necessity given the epidemic of red-light violations in the South Sound region.

Greg Cuoio, Lacey city manager, defends the move to cameras, saying, “We’re not entering into this to generate revenue. It’s truly a safety issue.”

And that’s why red-light cameras are a good thing. If they prevent just one high-speed T-bone accident with injuries or death, they will be a success. And if they convince motorists to obey the law and stop for every red light, well, that’s an added bonus.
Tell that to the guy in the Terminix truck early this afternoon. I drove into the intersection at Pacific and College just as the light turned yellow. Fearing a short yellow, the kind cities institute to instigate offenses, I accelerated slightly, not going to be the chump with the ticket. Good thing, too. Terminix Truck Guy was running the light, camera be damned. He nearly rear-ended me. In the rearview, I saw him chatting on his cell phone, oblivious.

Yep. Those red-light cameras are the answer.


Emmett said...

Ken has a pretty good take on the back story in Lacey. Ken usually has the back story about anything in Lacey.

Also, did you call Terminix? Companies usually don't like to hear about risks to their insurance rates.

Jim Anderson said...

Actual police enforcement might be the answer. Which is more of a deterrent: getting a $124 ticket that only you know about, or getting pulled over in public for running a light, *and* getting a ticket? If Ken is right and the camera's aren't even going to make a serious dent, it's time to rethink the issue.