Jun 5, 2008

M's implode

Even the batboys and ballgirls are nervous, now.

Armstrong explodes privately:
Team president Chuck Armstrong berated members of the coaching staff Wednesday morning, hours before the imploding Mariners got swept out of a three-game series against the same Los Angeles Angels they expected to unseat for the AL West title.

Later, Armstrong refused to comment on the outburst during a 5-4 loss that sent Seattle to a season-worst 18 games under .500....

"What's said between me and the coaches stays between me and the coaches," Armstrong said through a team spokesman.
McClaren explodes publicly:
"I'm tired of (expletive) losing! I'm tired of getting my ass beat, and so are those guys!" McLaren shouted, jabbing his finger toward the clubhouse at the beginning of an expletive-laced tirade that emphasized his team is trying hard but not performing as it should.
Add to that McLaren's delusion that, in spring training, the staff had "five aces," and toss in a disillusioned Ichiro--"I don't think at this point it is even worth it to answer that question"--and you have the recipe for an all-out implosion.

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