Jun 23, 2008

the gravity of the situation

Why every high school student should be required to take physics, Part II: bullet goes up, bullet comes down.
Officers were dispatched to the two incidents at the same time about 10 p.m. One report was about possible fireworks or gunshots going off at an apartment complex at 815 S.E. 223rd. The other report involved a teen shot in the foot in the 22400 block of Southeast Morrison - about a block away, police said.

The victim, 16-year-old Josh Koga of Gresham, told police he was outside when he heard what he thought were fireworks or gunshots. He then felt pain in his foot and looked down to see it bleeding. There appeared to be a bullet lodged in his foot, police said.
Heck, even a basic discussion of parabolas, with story problems involving firearms, would help.

Part I here.

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