Jun 27, 2008

cat people in trouble again

Judith Ann Lawson of Olympia...
...was jailed for investigation of 20 counts of felony animal cruelty after animal control officers found 20 Persian cats locked up in cages inside the garage of her home.

The animals were found living in filth. Feces covered their bodies. In some cases, the weight of the hardened waste pieces had caused their heavily-matted fur to tear right off of their bodies.

One of the cats was found covered with open and infected sores. The cat also had a broken tail and severe respiratory problems that affected its breathing.
Test her for Toxoplasma gondii. Test these brothers, too. There are too many cases like this; it seems quite evident to me that living with too many cats is an invitation to dementia, and my hunch is that Toxoplasma is the cause. But I'm no researcher, and can't prove my case.

Added: The Olympian has much more detail, placing Lawson in Lacey. Seattle media often miss the distinction.


Emmett said...

Dude, not just Lacey, but the outer reaches north of Hawks Prairie off of Marvin.

This area out by the Target Giant Building needs a new name that isn't Lacey or Olympia.

Jim Anderson said...

Warehouseville. Developmentonia. Tree-free City USA.

Anonymous said...

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