May 12, 2008

where was the air marshal?

Man talking on cell phone refuses to hang up. Signal fouls up plane's avionics, causing tragic crash. Not exactly:
Joe David Jones, 50, was cited for disorderly conduct, Dallas police said.

The incident occurred during a Southwest flight from Austin to Dallas. “After multiple requests, the flight attendants were not successful in getting the passenger to get off the phone,” said Southwest spokeswoman Brandy King.

According to a Dallas police report, flight attendants had asked Mr. Jones to turn off his cell phone and he responded with, "Kiss my ---." When asked again, he stated, "Kiss my ---. Not happening," the report said.

He remained on the phone for about 20 minutes. The pilot radioed the incident to the Love Field tower and Dallas police were notified. Officers met Mr. Jones at the gate and he continued to "exhibit disorderly conduct," police said.
Because if they let one guy talk on his cell phone, they have to let everyone else, and then we'll have a plane full of cell phone talkers, who'll have to shout over the engine because they're sitting way in the back with the screaming babies, and nobody wants that.

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