May 20, 2008

North Thurston levy results--updated

The levy is going to pass.

That's not news, that's a prediction. But I bet it'll be news around 8:15 tonight. The level of advertising, sign-waving, and overall interest from the pro-levy folks is infinitely higher than last go-round. Thus, I'm confidently prognosticating a win today.

Heck, I even saw pro-levy signs at the office where I get my molars scrubbed.

If I'm wrong, I'll... I don't know. I won't be wrong.

Update 8:20 p.m. Early results are quite favorable. With about 44% of the possible ballots cast, the levy's up 62-37%. Remember, nowadays, it needs only 50.01% to pass. It's going to pass.

Update 8:28 p.m. The Olympian concurs. It passes.

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