May 6, 2008

hazard pay for Starbucks workers

Septuagenarian with lead foot plows into java dive:
Lt. Steve Felmley said the 70-year-old man was pulling into the store parking lot at 1031 W. Bakerview Road around 9:30 when his Chrysler 300M accelerated and crashed through the front window of the building.

Five customers -- four women and a man -- were injured. One of the women was pinned against a wall, and all five have been taken to a local hospital.

None of the injuries was believed to be life-threatening.

The impact sent glass, furniture and debris flying through the store as the car careened through the store and into the back wall, causing it to partially collapse.
Guy was from Texas, driving a rental car with too much hep. And on too little caffeine.

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