May 1, 2008

end of April recap

Bullet points and tacky ties today.
  • Big shocker today: my School Board blogging got recognized by the good folks at OlyBlog. I'm Olyblogger of the Month for April. Big thanks to the crew, especially Emmett O'Connell, who spurred me into action.
  • I'm two weeks from my National Board exam, which I hope will seal my status as the World's Greatest Teacher who Ever Teached.
  • This week, I have made two students cry. See above.
  • The Mariners almost got out-sucked by Cleveland today, but J.J. Shell-of-Himself got shelled in the 10th, blowing his second save. They are about what their record implies: sub-mediocre. It hurts.
  • April was National Poetry Month, but I couldn't ever get past the first line of the poem I had planned for the occasion:
    Fire. Fire. Fire in the doldrums.
    Another time, then.

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