Apr 10, 2008

sports will break your heart

Item: ESPN takes a long-term look at the 2005 NFL draft, and finds many of its instant evaluations essentially worthless.
Who knew the 10th overall pick, wide receiver Mike Williams, was going to be a bust in Detroit, or that fifth-round pick defensive end Trent Cole was going to be a Pro Bowler? These twists of fate are what make the draft worth watching, but they also are why it's tough to tell how good a team did on draft day until three years later.
Arizona, Detroit, and Minnesota got hit the hardest. Fully a fifth of the class of '05 are no longer in the league.

Item: The Sonics' owners are weasels.
E-mails obtained by lawyers for the city of Seattle show Sonics owners were talking enthusiastically last April about moving the franchise to Oklahoma City — despite telling the public and the NBA they were still interested in keeping the team here.

The city cited the e-mails in a motion filed Wednesday in a New York federal court seeking to enforce a subpoena for NBA financial documents and other records.
But you already knew that.

Item: Nevertheless, hope springs eternal.

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