Apr 14, 2008

I'm not skipping the math WASL

Because I'm proctoring it, I don't have to pass it. Technically, neither do the seniors who'll be retaking it under my watch--but that's only if they're passing their third year of math.


You're not alone.
Although there are alternative means for students to achieve the state’s current math standard, such as a “Collection of Evidence” that gathers tests and papers from a student’s high school career to prove mastery of WASL skills, or substituting a college entrance exam score, students still must attempt to pass the math WASL each year.

Two years of high school math are required for graduation. But the state mandates members of the Class of 2008 who did not pass the math WASL to pass a third year of math; members of the Class of 2009 who didn’t meet the math standard must pass two additional years.

Not everyone who is taking those mandatory credits is passing, Caba said, which could affect their graduation. And while some students have submitted a “Collection of Evidence” and others may use college entrance exams, not all of those scores are in.

But even if they are pursuing these options, re-taking the math WASL is mandatory.
Tomorrow's going to be fun.

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