Apr 24, 2008

an English teacher's nightmare

When I taught sophomores, I spent a good month out of a year helping them craft perfect resumes and cover letters. I even had my older sister, a professional recruiter, visit my class and offer advice to my students. I'd harp and harp: "Obvious spelling mistakes send you on a one-way trip to the trash."

I've battled chatspeak and emoticons for over half a decade, never surrendering to the sins of syntactic commission and omission. I know it's a losing effort, but I still have to fight until I'm relieved or dead.

Or maybe not. Maybe I should just give up:
Apparently, looking at Lolcats all day is an appealing job. Ben Huh, founder of the site and chief executive of Seattle-based Pet Holdings Inc., has received 250 applications since the job was posted on Monday under the headline "Kittehs Want Moar Workerhumans."

"I got a stack of resumes that I can't even go through," Huh said. "You know how they say, 'Spell everything correctly because the people reading your resume will toss it out otherwise?' Well, we can't even do that. We won't knock you out for spelling.... The traditional resume screening methods don't apply here."

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Anonymous said...

You keep up the good fight over there -- they're not ALL going to be applying for jobs at I can haz cheezburger! The rest of the world still uses orthographic English (even geeks like myself).