Mar 1, 2008

Olympia School Board applicants ready to face their first test

Four brave souls have answered the call.
Four candidates, including a former school board member, have applied for ex-Olympia School Board member Rich Nafziger's vacated District 2 seat. The application deadline was 5 p.m. Thursday.

The candidates are Kevin Douglas Donahoe, John Keeffe, Paul Parker and Theresa Tsou.
Click through for the brief bios. More interesting to me are the Board's questions for the applicants, available via PDF. A sample:
6) Do you believe there are any issues or questions concerning educational policy (not questions or issues related to identifiable, individual students or employees) and Board operations that should not be discussed publicly; and, if discussed publicly, are there are any issues or questions concerning educational policy and Board operations for which the Board should not make a recording of the discussion available on the OSD website? If you believe there are matters (excluding issues concerning individual students and employees) that should not be discussed publicly or recorded and made available to the public, please give three examples.
Here's a hint, potential applicant: if you want the spot, but don't know which sitting board members are particularly concerned with this issue, you'd better do your homework. And brush up on your state law.

More information available here.

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