Mar 29, 2008

mysterious Google trends

1. Why does "shrink" peak near the end of the year, then fade as the new year dawns?

2. Is this a sign of a recession?

3. Is Obama about to really hit his stride?

4. Why did American interest in the devil peak in summer, 2006? (Actually, this one's not so mysterious, but the trend graph is amazing. God wins!)

5. Is America in religious decline? What about education?

6. ?

7. Should we be surprised that this one looks like an EKG?

8. Something about holidays.

[Thanks to NewScientist's Michael Marshall for the diversion.]


josh cole said...

I'd bet the Devil graph has everything to do with the date 6.6.06.

If you know what I mean.

Jim Anderson said...

I'm pretty sure it does. It's the only day the devil almost surpassed God, on Google, at least. Interest in God seems to wane every summer.