Mar 6, 2008

Kevin Douglas Donahoe nixed from applicant list

The current Board has unanimously voted to cut Kevin Douglas Donahoe from its list of applicants, The Olympian reports.
Donahoe wasn't at the meeting; his answers to the questions that were submitted to all of the candidates were shown on a video.

He told the district in an e-mail that he submitted the video to accommodate for a disability....

In his video, Donahoe, a software engineer, emphasized the role of technology in the operation of the school district and said he encouraged the use of Web sites such as YouTube and Second Life in governing and learning experiences.
I have a feeling that Donahoe was already at a distinct disadvantage; read his self-styled job description for the position, and you'll see that his idiosyncratic perspective just doesn't jibe with the status quo. I just don't think we're ready for virtual board members.

I had meant to include Donahoe in my series introducing the applicants. I should note that he was the only one out of the four who never returned my email.

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