Mar 11, 2008

I know that teacher

The one who writes funny multiple choice answers:
"What was the Great Awakening?" a question from one of Campbell's most recent tests reads. "(a) Coffee and a bagel, (b) The name given to FDR's evening radio addresses, (c) 'C'mon, Mom! Let me sleep five more minutes!' or (d) A dramatic religious revival in Anglo-American history."

"The answer is D," said Campbell, holding back a wry smile. "Giving them the option of 'Coffee and a bagel.' Get it?"
I had a guy just like him for a college course on Ancient Near Eastern history. One of his distractors for the correct response "Balaak, Son of Beor" was "Balsam, King of Shampoo." I don't remember anything else from his class.

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