Mar 10, 2008

how about banning anonymity?

If a certain legislator has his way, anonymous posting on a website--in Kentucky, however that works--will be against the law.
The bill would require anyone who contributes to a website to register their real name, address and e-mail address with that site.

Their full name would be used anytime a comment is posted.

If the bill becomes law, the website operator would have to pay if someone was allowed to post anonymously on their site. The fine would be five-hundred dollars for a first offense and one-thousand dollars for each offense after that.
So much for the grand American tradition of pseudonymous rabble-rousing.

[Bill available here. Via Radley Balko]


Genewitch said...

This is a bunch of crap and can't be enforced anyhow. I wonder why they even thought it was a good idea?

-John McCain

AJZ said...

this will never pass, it's unconstitutional and quite stupid.