Feb 5, 2008

Super Tuesday, indeed

1. Taught five classes.
2. Wore one tacky tie and vintage polyester jacket.
3. Took students to district speech tournament (the qualifier for state).
4. Ran extemp prep. (I am king of extemp prep.)
5. Returned triumphant students to school circa 10:00 p.m. Drove home.
6. Checked election results while battling some weird sort of Facebook virus that has overtaken my wife's computer.
7. Pondered the possibility of a third party run.
8. Slept, eyes open.
9. Mentally prepped self for tomorrow's early rise.
10. Blogged this.

1 comment:

TeacherRefPoet said...

"Pondered the possibility of a third party run."

I'd vote for you, Jim. When would you announce?