Feb 21, 2008

spring isn't here

But that doesn't mean you can't herald its approach. How about with a celebratory lockdown?
The suspect reportedly entered the Columbia Bank at 2920 Harrison Avenue Northwest at around 10 a.m. and displayed a handgun as he demanded money from the teller, police spokesman Dick Machlan said.

He fled on foot with the cash toward an apartment complex next to the bank, but a subsequent search of the area that involved a K9 unit failed to locate the suspect.
For about 45 minutes, my advisory class sat in darkness near the inside wall, taking naps and chatting quietly about There Will Be Blood and the magic that is Daniel Day-Lewis. I totally called the bank robbery angle.

When they announced the lockdown's conclusion, saying that the search had been called off, I told students it was because the cops had probably caught the bad guy.


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