Feb 16, 2008

laugh track

As I'm plowing through 134-page papers outlining the nuances of retributivism, Melissa is in a stupor on the couch, watching Season 3 of Friends. I just realized that lacking cable TV means we have a lot less laughter in our home, due to the distinct deficit of laugh tracks.

Which brings me to an idea: in these days of innovative "shaming" punishments, what could be more appropriate, for, say, a convicted quack to be forced to carry around some kind of automatic laugh-generating device that'd set itself to howling at the end of every sentence the woo-meister uttered? Then we wouldn't need the tireless efforts of the skeptics. We'd all know exactly when to chortle in appropriate derision.

Bonus: No deficit of carnivals. PZ has a surfeit of links.

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