Jan 20, 2008

weekend recap with Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is shilled for, and shills for, Scientology and "LRH technology." Weirdness galore in these bizarre and highly addictive videos. [via Slate]

McClane! McBain! McCain!

Endured and enjoyed the Federal Way tournament. Worst / best quote I heard, regarding political assassination's chaotic aftermath: "That would be killing the head, and leaving the wriggling body to figure it out." Synonyms for "raising": upping, highering, and highering up.

One more teacher learns the hard way that camera phones are your worst pedagogical nightmare.
A Boulder teen has been arrested for using his cellphone camera to snag a teacher's computer password and change math scores for himself and 48 other students.

"He said he was changing grades just enough to ensure that if a student didn't do well on the final, their grades wouldn't be impacted," Boulder police spokeswoman Sarah Huntley said today.

The 16-year-old Fairview High School student, who wasn't identified because he is a juvenile, was arrested Wednesday and faces a felony charge for tampering with the grades.
Better and worse news: most younguns aren't as techno-savvy as you might think. You stereotyper.

[First link via Obscure Store]

Listen to Sean Paul, have a seizure. But science has the cure. (Not sure if there's a similar procedure possible for "Exploding Head syndrome.")

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Ld n00b said...

Romneys still got double the delegates as McCain, but a lot of this has been because of his large budget. I bet McCain'll come back on Super Tuesday, when Rom won't be able to focus on an individual state and feed 'em what they want to hear. (As seen today-- he couldn't take both Nevada and SC.)

Still, I'll be happy with anyone other than Paul or Guilliani.