Jan 1, 2008

Mount Adams, etc., photos

Our recent trip to the Mount Adams area did not go unphotographed. Here are just a few selections.

We haven't enjoyed much snow in the Olympia area, so it was refreshing to muck about in ten-foot drifts. Returning to the lowlands felt uncanny: here it was, winter with no snow. Worse than anything CS Lewis could imagine.

I guess it was colder in our cabin than I remembered.

Diligence kept the road passable, which is a pity.

Two days socked in by clouds, and then the sun broke free. Monday was simply spectacular. Adams is as fine a mountain as any in the region, but loses the popularity contest to Rainier, St. Helens, and Hood. Just fine, if you like your vistas tranquil.

Melissa and Melody, or Melody and Melissa.

Our comfy cabin, with live snow in the foreground.

Symbolism aplenty, if you care to decipher.

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