Jan 5, 2008

I, too, support Canada's national igloo

Via BoingBoing, a hilarious clip of Arkansans congratulating Canada on preserving its national igloo. At the end, a rotund Mike Huckabee shows up in the rotunda to offer felicitations. Perhaps we'll never know if he's in on the gag, but man, is he smooth.

Added: Smooth might not cut it if Chuck Norris is your point man, sounding like a floating white subliminal cross between Tom Tancredo and John Edwards.

1 comment:

LD n00b said...

Chuck Norris isn't any worse an endorsment then Oprah...

And people forget Former Air Force General Chuck Yeager (remember him? Famous test pilot who broke the sound barrier in the x-1? 'nam and korea vet too?) endorses Duncan Hunter.

--LD n00b