Jan 8, 2008

go ahead, ask

Tomorrow, I'll spend an evening listening to Gary Alexander, Brendan Williams, Sam Hunt, Karen Fraser, and Tim Sheldon at a union-sponsored legislative forum in Tumwater. WEA prez Mary Lindquist might make an appearance, too.

If I get the chance, I have one question for the folks in charge.
Terry Bergeson is up for reelection. Would you support a change in leadership at OSPI?
If you have some music you'd like a state muckety-muck to face, suggest a question in the comments. I'll report back later.

Update: As is sometimes my custom, I'm liveblogging the event over at 5/17.


Ryan said...

For Sheldon especially, I'd like to know what his solution to the WASL failure rate is.

It'd also be interesting to hear where they stand on HB 2458 regarding K-3 class size. Sam Hunt is one of the cosponsors, but what of the rest?

Jim Anderson said...

If no one asks about it, I will. I'm taking notes right now.