Jan 12, 2008

CSI:West Des Moines

It sends a message, but I'm not sure what it means:
Stolen pig fetuses that showed up on car antennas in the Dowling Catholic High School parking lot this week have been traced to the Roosevelt High School swim team, whose coach Friday promised punishment.
As bad as our local rivalry gets, it ain't that bad.

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Anonymous said...

There was no meaning behind it, it was a simple high school prank that stemmed from snowballs (more like ice balls, there is no soft snow now) being thrown -unprovoked- at the Roosevelt swimmers by several (15-20) Dowling students before the swim meet. This has nothing to do with the rivalry at all, just some kids having fun, not hurting anyone, not hurting any cars, and getting blown way out of proportion. It was a joke, take it, because this one won't be topped in a while, it's clever.