Dec 13, 2007

skipping out on the WASL--alternative

Maybe they don't know, maybe they've forgotten, or maybe they just don't wanna:
Friday is the deadline for seniors who want to sign up to submit a portfolio with a "collection of evidence" as an alternative to passing the math, reading or writing sections of the test, commonly called the WASL. The portfolio is due in February.

As of Wednesday, no students who still need to pass the math portion have signed up for that option in Olympia or Tumwater, and one student signed up for it in North Thurston, district officials said. More students are taking the portfolio option for writing and reading.
The other option is to take the ACT or SAT, or score highly on AP tests. Which, of course, makes one wonder why we can't just make the SAT mandatory and skip the costly, time-consuming, late-result-ridden WASL.

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