Dec 6, 2007

I can see the future

Arrived at school today, ready for round two of testing, anticipating another day of sitting in a tiny office as students sweated out commentaries on famous literature. Flash back to Tuesday, as I'm preparing the class for the assessment:
Me: "Oh, and if school should be canceled or late, don't come here expecting to test. Safety first."

Students: "But Mr. Anderson, the weather's improved, and the forecast is good."

Me: "Yeah, well, there could be a freak storm or something."

Students: "Not really."

Me: "Sure, but you never know what can happen."
Flash forward to a dark morning illuminated by flashing blue and red lights. Locked gates to the parking lot. Frantic and gleeful students shouting the rumor du jour. Administrators sending them home--for now--because somebody thought it would be funny to... well, you can guess the rest.

All I'll say is that I'm surprised it didn't make The Olympian's website. Yet.

Update: And now it has.

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