Dec 28, 2007

choosing Olympia's Person of the Year

OlyBlog's Guglielmo has the scoop:
Every year, Time Magazine exercises its privilege to name the "Person of the Year." Hitler, Stalin, the computer, Bill Clinton, and even "You" have been persons of the year. Who is your candidate for the hyperlocal person of the year? No arguments please, just names and the reason they deserve the recognition.
You have to go over there and log in if you want your vote to count.

Unofficially, I'll second Rob Richards' nomination of the folks running Camp Quixote. Even the curmudgeonly Olympian has changed its heart on this one.

First runner-up: Emmett O'Connell. The man is passionate about politics because he's passionate about people.

Second runner-up: Sarah of OlyBlog. She often links here, and for that, she's awesome.

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Emmett said...

Wow, thanks Jim! Then again, your are one of the best bloggers I read, and if this is a giving total credit comment 5/17 is still the best political blog I read.