Nov 3, 2007

Capital knocked out by hungry O'Dea squad

It was close through the first half. Capital trailed 3-12, having converted their opening drive for a field goal, and holding O'Dea to two touchdowns, no conversions. "We're behind," said a parent next to me, "but that'll give us extra motivation in the second half."

We all believed that until O'Dea's quarterback blew through the line in the first 30 seconds of the 3rd quarter, and a Capital fumble led to another quick strike. We still held out hope as Capital recovered, marching down the field to the 19. On 4th, though, instead of gambling on a long-yardage conversion, Capital attempted a field goal. Snap. Block. O'Dea touchdown. Reeling, the Cougars were unable to score again until the 4th quarter. When I left early to re-ready the rooter bus, we were down 46-9.

It was a tough loss against a tough opponent, and a disappointing way to exit the playoffs--especially after clawing our way back from a terrible start to the season. On the bright side, the Cougars improved their record this year, developing in talent and growing in maturity. Next year's gonna be our year.

Also, chaperoning the rooter bus is utter lunacy.


TeacherRefPoet said...

There's commitment, as in "Wow, Jim's really committed to his job and his kids." Then there's commitment, as in "Jim needs to be committed to an institution."

I can't believe you got on the rooter bus. I'll pay the ten bucks in gas plus six bucks for a ticket before I voluntarily hop on that rooter bus. I might also shove things under my toenails.

My kids were also eliminated from the playoffs tonight. Bring on the winter sports, like debate.

Jim Anderson said...

I was paid a small stipend, which worked out to 20 cents per decibel. ("We're a little loud, but otherwise well behaved," I said to the bus driver. "You kidding? These guys are angels!" he replied.)

Aaron said...

In my days that bus would not have made it back down. The kids must have forgotten how to party since I left. You're lucky, Jim, real lucky I wasn't there.