Oct 9, 2007

today, today

1. Awoke from a dream featuring PZ Myers in a debate with no-show William A. Dembski, wherein the esteemed biologist kept being interrupted by guitar-wielding folksingers. This was followed by a nightmare battle with an ax murderer. (I was armed with a butcher knife.) I can always tell I'm sleep-deprived by the quality of my dreams.

2. Since Melissa's off ethnographizing on the Long Beach peninsula, the house was quiet and the bed was cold.

3. Drove to school at 7:00, discovering on arrival that the network was waffling. I got there early enough to squeak through a couple papers and make a mad dash for the copier. For once, no one was in line before me.

4. I taught. It was good.

5. I'm quite pleased with the quality of this year's new debaters. They are loaded with talent--strong voices, kooky and brash ideas. They're fearless. Combined with our old guard, they should do some damage in the region.

6. Home at 4:00. Time to update the homework blog and cook dinner. (Thanks, Melissa, for posting that fajita recipe like I asked.)

7. Back to school at 6:30, preparing for a presentation to the CHS Parent Organization, who politely listened to my sales pitch for Debate and Improv. Also, they sent me home with cookies. No surprise, really, since most of the parents there are moms.

8. Now I am home, wrapping up tomorrow's plans, typing this, missing Melissa.

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