Oct 17, 2007

The Olympian endorses Wilson and Barclift

The Olympian editorial board, joining the OEA, the Principals Association, and dozens of community leaders, endorses Frank Wilson and Carolyn Barclift for positions 1 and 4 on the Olympia School Board.

The Wilson blurb:
Frank Wilson, 42, a digital technician in the printing industry, excels is in his level of involvement in the leadership of schools. He has served as vice president and president of the PTA and as a site council representative in addition to all the fundraising and parental involvement activities associated with education today. He takes a half-day vacation time every week to work in the school, a tradition he will maintain and expand as a school board member.

Wilson supports the decision to change math curriculum, supports a simple majority vote for passage of school levies, would work for a collaborative school board and is endorsed by the teachers’ union and principals’ bargaining unit.

Wilson has demonstrated his commitment to kids through his active involvement in leadership positions in the Olympia School District. Voters should elect Frank Wilson on Nov. 6.
The Barclift blurb:
Barclift has a depth of knowledge and experience that Gentry Meltzer cannot come close to matching. In a board that has seen quite a bit of turnover in recent years, Barclift’s institutional knowledge is needed. She has been an advocate for changing the budget process to smooth out the peaks and valleys, worked on school nutrition and has been a strong advocate for kids and public education at the state and national levels. She has the support of teachers’ and principals’ and voters should re-elect Carolyn Barclift on Nov. 6.

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