Oct 5, 2007

an Off! night for Joba Chamberlain

Update: ESPN dropped the video, so I did as well. We'll see how long this one stays up on YouTube. But here's the scientific explanation for the bug invasion.

Oh, and here's the rundown in Spanish. ¡Sí, señorita!

Tonight Melissa and I watched the strangest playoff moment of all time, in hi-def from a safe but skin-crawling distance, as Joba Chamberlain battled bugs and lost. Everyone at the Brewery City in Lacey was equally transfixed and horrified as gnats or mosquitoes or noseeums--whatever they were--swarmed the field, followed by trainers with Off! cans.

The spray didn't seem to affect the bugs much. Every time the camera closed in on Chamberlain's neck, you could see them feasting on his chemical perspiration. (Expect SC Johnson stock to plummet.)

Long story short: coupla walks, coupla wild pitches, one run; coupla innings later, Cleveland wins.

Take that, LeBron James.

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