Sep 7, 2007

wearing Andrew's jersey

Blogging neighbor Jeff Nusser wears Seahawk favorite Lofa Tatupu's #51. He asks:
So, what about you? Which jersey do you own? It doesn’t have to be the Seahawks, but you do have to tell us why you picked it.
I don't own a jersey, but tonight at the Spaghetti Bowl, when the upstart Cougs face a humbled Olympia squad, I'll be sporting Andrew Kim's #50.

New coach J.D. Johnson, as a way to heat up our already feverish school spirit, told his players to distribute their practice jerseys to Capital staffmembers. Andrew approached me before school and asked if I'd wear his. I smelled it to make sure it didn't reek of scrimmage, and then draped it over my dress clothes. Had to tuck it in--it came down to my knees.

I wore it all day, and I'll be wearing it this evening when the Cougars take the field. The Olympian calls this one for Oly, but tonight, when the sun sets over Ingersoll and the football gods fly down from Mount Rainier to wreak their havoc, anything is possible.

Capital 28, Olympia 21. Go Cougs!

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