Sep 1, 2007

Washington State Employment Security Department: miserably incompetent boobs

The Washington State Employment Security Department finally and officially denied my wife's unemployment claim. For the third time.

Her words:
My claim was denied again. This time because I "did not work 680 hours during" my base year. Overwhelmed by frustration at the thought that I would once again have to submit all of my pay stubs proving I had indeed exceeded 680 hours, I gave up.

You might wonder what all this preamble is leading up to...

Today, August 31st 2007, I received a letter from The Washington State Employment Security Department informing me that my claim from July 10, 2005 was DENIED. That's right folks: over two years later and with absolutely no prompting from myself, Employment Security sent me another Statement of Wages and Hours to inform me that my long forgotten, hopeless, incompetently handled claim, is still denied.
My words are unprintable.

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