Sep 6, 2007

Skyward Parent Access: coming to a school near you

A prediction and a question from a little over a year ago:
The Skyward program we use for attendance--or something bigger and/or better--will someday be the place to post grades and comments on student performance, with access for parents, possibly linked to other online programs. The software and hardware are already in place, and the wider culture is ready for it. Are you?
The answer, if you're teaching in the South Sound, had better be yes.
The North Thurston, Rochester, Shelton, Steilacoom Historical, Tenino and Yelm school districts all have the online service available at both the middle and high school levels. The K-8 Griffin School District also has online access to grades for middle school parents.

The Tumwater School District provides online access to high school parents and those with students at Bush Middle School. Tumwater Middle School plans to offer the Internet service by December.

"It's bridging the gap between home and school," Tumwater High Principal Scott Seaman said. "Parents can get immediate feedback."
Here at Capital, we go live sometime this month. I'm already used to the system, but other teachers are a little nervous, and rightly so. Assessment practices vary widely from class to class, simply because of the nature of the content and the assignments offered. Several of my peers are worried that parents will expect "immediate feedback" all the time, when that simply isn't feasible.

Plus, our tech guy is a total noob, and half our computers are down.



Dr Pezz said...

I think I'm tiring of the need for immediacy. Why should grades be known every day? Even attendance is expected every period. I'm thinking people need to realize that there is fluctuation every day, a need to correct errors, and teachers need to catch up from time to time.

Ryan said...

It's spreading like kudzu on the eastside, too, and the best reason I've been given as to "Why Skyward?" is "Because WSIPC likes it."

Personally, I'll post my grades when I get around to it, and as grading programs go there are many, many that are better than Skyward.