Sep 5, 2007

Shoreline, Issaquah, Bethel strikes over

Shoreline, Issaquah, and Bethel students are all heading to class, reports today's Seattle Times.
Elizabeth Beck, co-president of Shoreline Education Association, which represents the district's teachers, said the teacher's union approved the contract with a 79 percent majority....

Issaquah students will go to school as scheduled today after members of the Issaquah Education Association voted 508-11 to approve the contract....

And Bethel teachers, who have been striking since Aug. 30, when school was supposed to have started, will return to their classrooms Wednesday after approving a new contract Tuesday night. Members of the Bethel Education Association voted 84 percent in favor of the new two-year contract.
I said I was 90% sure that Bethel's strike was done. I'm sure the reader will pardon the excess 6% confidence.

Now--back to school.

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