Sep 9, 2007

Seahawks back in the groove

Is it ever great to have Shaun Alexander, Matt Hasselbeck, and Walter Jones healthy. Though it took Seattle the better part of the first half to get rolling offensively, they solved a tough Tampa defense and put on some defensive hurt of their own to win, 20-6, in their season opener.

Reasons for jubilation:

1. Seattle didn't give up a single touchdown.
2. Even better, Tampa didn't score after the first quarter.
3. Seattle kept decent pressure on Garcia all day, even knocking him out for a time.
4. Our D stopped the run.
5. Alexander rushed over 100 with a try-it-again TD.
6. Flaming Mo Morris had his first TD since 2003--as a receiver.
7. Hasselbeck didn't make any boneheaded late throws for interceptions.

Reasons for good cheer:

1. Despite giving up one big pass to Joey Galloway, the secondary played tough.
2. They'd have looked even better if two crucial roughing-the-passer penalties hadn't given the Bucs second life.
3. Turnovers didn't kill us.
4. We were the only NFC conference champ to win our first game.
5. Josh Brown is automatic.
5. Nate Burleson figured out how to return a punt for positive yardage.

Reasons for concern:

1. D.J. Hackett is injured.
2. Deion Branch didn't catch a pass.
3. Not much else to worry about--yet.

Reason for cautious optimism:

The Sports Guy picks the Hawks to play in the Super Bowl. And lose.

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