Sep 22, 2007

The Olympian covers Baird's visit

Old Media was there, too, snapping pictures, gathering quotes, and mostly representing the tenor of the evening. There aren't many major differences--a few slightly different renditions of quotes, though the gist is the same, and that because my journalism skills are only at 95%.

A sample:
My version
"You're very lucky and you're smug," says a commentator, "because we loathe the Republicans and have to vote for Democrats."

The Olympian
"You're very lucky and very smug because you know we're so disgusted with the Republicans, we have to vote for a Democrat."
As you can see, my rough-hewn amateur blogger version gets it mostly right.

There's only one major anecdote, found on the second page, that The Olympian misreports:
At one point, a man asked people to raise their hands if they wanted the U.S. to start withdrawing troops. Virtually every hand shot up. Just one man, who appeared to be wearing a rubber mask, stood when asked who supported Baird's position.
As I point out in my liveblog, the fellow in the rubber mask--an actual, not just apparent, rubber mask--was supposed to represent Death. He carried a sign reading "Thanks for making my job easier." The man who asked the question said, "Who here wants our troops to come home?" And really, anyone's going to raise their hand to that. Except Death Troll.

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