Sep 15, 2007

leading exporters of first-rate comedy

Leave it to an Onion commentator to provide a perfect example of cherry-picking, a common intellectual sin.
by grapplepie
America: Dane Cook, Ben Stiller, "Brat Pack", Bill Cosby

Canada: Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, Kids in the Hall

United Kingdom: Eddie Izzard, Monty Python crew, Ricky Gervais, Peter Kay, Edgar Wright & Simon Pegg

UK wins even if it does lose points for Rowan Atkinson

That's it, I'm moving
And leave it to another commentator to deliver the appropriate logical smackdown:
by Hunsweasel
Sure, we can all play that game:

America: Richard Pryor, The Marx Brothers, Woody Allen, Lenny Bruce
Canada: Red Green, Royal Canadian Air Farce
UK: Benny Hill, Bernard Manning, Ken Dodd

Looks like the U.S. takes it! Alternate version:

America: Wayne Flowers and Madame, Larry the Cable Guy
Canada: John Candy, Phil Hartman, Martin Short
U.K.: Bob Monkhouse, Jimmy Tarbuck

Oh Canada!
And thank you, Onion commentators.

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